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New Relationships

If you are entering a new relationship, planning on moving in with your partner or newly engaged to be married, it is unlikely that you will have given much thought as to what might happen in the event of you experiencing financial difficulties.

Cohabitees do not have the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. There is no such thing as a common-law marriage. It is therefore advisable to record your intentions regarding financial and other matters in a Cohabitation Agreement at the outset of your relationship. The Agreement could detail how you intend to regulate your financial affairs during the course of the relationship as well as dealing with the consequences of the relationship breaking down.

Prior to getting married or entering a civil partnership, you may wish to consider protecting you or your partner from the uncertainty of what might happen in the event of divorce or dissolution. A Pre-Nuptial Agreement can be effective in this regard and can act as an insurance policy; there if you need it but otherwise tucked away in the bottom of a  drawer.

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